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We at Win Research Centre (WRC) provide Data Driven Decisions to Businesses, Factories, Hotels, Restaurants, SME’s, Schools, Colleges, Educational Institutes, Students and Investors. Our Services also extend with Data Mining, Data Base Development with 97% accuracy, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning Algorithms and Opinion Mining.

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Awesome Features

A valuable step is more important to educate students and fight against COVID-19

Independent Server

Every educational institute who register with us will be provided with an independent server to enable secure and faster processing time.

SMS Feature

As soon as a teacher hosts a lecture/class, all the students who has to attend the class will be notified with an SMS link to enable faster access to the class.

Online Notes and Study material

All the study material for the students will be uploaded in online in the application for an easier access and this can be printed or saved as a digital copy.

India learns through DIGITAL PLATFORM

The best solution for Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutions to digitalize themselves for teaching and learning.


University Login

The software is designed to match all the requirements of any educational institute and can also be customised according to the institute needs and the software is very user friendly even a four year old can use the software to access the class.

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WIN Research Centre - India

College Login

The admin of the institute will have powers to monitor the number of classes taken, number of tests conducted, number of students who attended the class and also the results of the students.

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WIN Research Centre - India

School Login

All the updates will be personally informed to the registered institutes with us and also few inputs will be collected from the registered institutes to enable custom updates.

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WIN Research Centre - India

Student Login

Every student will have a personalized dashboard to attend online classes and download the class notes and worksheets from their institutes. On every teacher action, student will recieve a notification through SMS for registered mobile number.

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WIN Research Centre - India

Prajna Rules & Regulation

We are maintaining high secured data servers with inter connection networks. If we found any malpractice with the software, we take severe action as to the norms. These are few example, what you need not to do for free trail version also.

  • Registration with Fake Identity details like Name, Phone Number, Aadhar card Number etc.

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  • Once you are blocked for mutli login in multi devices, Admin gives a Warning chance and Unblock you not to happen again.

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  • Hacking and other techniques should not be performed. We monitor the flow of your IP address and Track you.

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Designed For All Platforms

Prajna works for all platforms in all operating system like

  • Windows Desktop & Mobile
  • Android Mobile
  • Mac Desktop & Mobile
  • All Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera

WIN Research Centre - India

Excellent Support

In this Pandemic situations we at Win Research Centre has a solution for our education system. Social Distancing is given more importance at this phase making the kids and students sit at their home idle or waste their time. We don’t want idle minds for the future of our nation.


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WIN Research Centre - India

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